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- Dot 5 NIPPON SIM card (hereafter referred as "the service"), is a mobile data communication service available in NTT DOCOMO Xi® and FOMA® area.
- If you wish to use the service with the SIM card in this package, it is necessary for you to start connecting internet with the SIM card for the first time before the last day of the expiring month written on the back of the package. If you do not start using the service within this period, the SIM card may not be able to be used.
- It is not possible to return the package or obtain a refund once the payment has been made, no matter whether you apply for the service or not.
- It is not possible to change the plan once the package has been purchased.
- It is not possible to use SMS with this service.
- This SIM card is for data communication only. It cannot be used for voice communication.
- The devices which do not support following bandwidth, will not be able to use the service; Regarding about supporting bandwidth of your device, please confirm with your local dealer or maker of the device.
LTE : 2100MHz/1500MHz/800MHz
- It is not possible to add data volume to your package within the period of Service availability, nor extend the period of service availability.
- Network coverage is described on NTT DOCOMO's Web site (Japanese only).
- A private IP address is assigned to this package. However, this does not guarantee that all applications and services are operable.
- The transmission speed provided here is the maximum value defined by the technical standard and does not indicate the actual transmission speed.
- This service is available with best-effort delivery, and therefore the actual transmission speed may vary according to traffic conditions and network load.
- Disconnection may occur when a connection remains established past the specified period of time or when a period of no data transmission continues.
- This service uses radio waves. Even within a coverage area, the service may not be available indoors or depending on surrounding obstacles (buildings, terrain, etc.). In certain cases, this service may not be available on the upper floors of high-rise buildings even without obstacles.
- The initial PIN code is set to "0000." For an explanation of how to set the PIN code, please refer to your device's user manual.
- Please do not activate or insert the SIM card before Japan arrival to prevent malfunction of the SIM card.
How to remove the SIM card
- Put on gloves and push up the SIM card from behind.
There is a risk of injuring your hand or fingers when removing the card.
Wear gloves to avoid touching the metallic part of the card. If you happen to touch it, wipe the area with a dry soft cloth before use.
- Lift the SIM card part upwards and remove it completely.
Please refer to the instruction manual of your device on how to insert the SIM card.
Warnings when handling the SIM card
- Do not use more force than necessary to insert the SIM card into the device. If it is difficult to insert the SIM card, check the instruction manual of your device. Mishandling can lead to damage of the SIM card as well as the device.
- Keep the metallic part clean at all times. If touched, wipe it with a dry soft cloth.
- Do not touch the metallic part, it can cause malfunctions.
- Do not modify or dismantle the SIM card. It can lead to data loss and malfunctions.
- Do not bend, drop or put heavy objects on the SIM card. Do not get the SIM card wet. It can cause malfunctions.
- When storing the SIM card, keep it in out of direct sunlight and in a place that is not too hot or humid. It can lead to malfunctions.
- Information that you have stored on the SIM card should be transferred to a separate medium. We bear no any responsibility for the loss of any information contained on the SIM card.
Safety Precautions
- Before removing the SIM card, wear gloves and always turn off the power.
- A parent or guardian should supervise the handling of the SIM card if a child is the user. Make sure that the child user is using the SIM card as instructed.
- Do not place the SIM card in a microwave or other cookware or high-pressure containers.
- Do not use or leave the SIM card near fire or a stove, or other places where it can be exposed to high temperatures. The SIM card may melt, generate heat and/or smoke, catch fire, malfunction, or lose data.
- Keep out of reach of infants. Accidental swallowing and injuries may occur.